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漢字 Hanzi 1000 - FULL 10 Book Set - FREE SHIP Contiguous US -SALE!

漢字 Hanzi 1000 - FULL 10 Book Set - FREE SHIP Contiguous US -SALE!

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This listing includes all 10 books for a total of 1000 characters.

After many years of teaching and research, we have developed a fail proof method to learn like the native Chinese speakers. Through memorizing characters to writing and practice using short phrases and constructing sentences of the most commonly used 1000 Hanzi Chinese characters, you will gain proficiency like the natives. Through this bilingual set of 10 books, you will learn 100 characters a book through

  1. Flashcards
  2. Writing practice
  3. Short phrase practice
  4. Short sentence structure
  5. Review reading practice
  6. Short stories

... and much more.

We keep the pace light and fast. Watch out on our class website for the companion course with this book series which will include pronunciations and read aloud samples as well as expert instruction of more examples and practice with the words. We will also be including online memorization games to couple with this set. Whether you can join us live or within the course online, you'll be sure to get enough practice to master these 1000 characters with ease.

Class website:


About Motherly Notes:

Julie Liu, the pioneer of Motherly Notes School, finished high school early at the top of her class and earned a bachelors from University of California, Berkeley by the time she turned nineteen. She earned an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business by age twenty three. She was always a humorous character and a researcher of methods who believed achieving dreams was not impossible but attainable through a combination of brain, blood, sweat, and tears.

Her teaching journey started when her first child was born and she made a commitment for her child (and now children) to be truly bilingual. Chinese for her family has always been the top priority since maintaining a second language in America is a hard task. After reading a plethora of research and learning methods while her child was in utero, she devised a full system of combining the best training methods including but not limited to differentiated instruction, project based learning, high interest based instruction, etc., and put it to the test. Her children were able to recognize over 500 characters in Chinese by the time they were three years of age and spoke both English and Chinese with native fluency. She then shared her methods on her private social media group on Facebook called Motherly Notes and the group has grown to thousands of like minded educationally driven parents.

In her group, she has shared over thousands of notable children’s book titles in Chinese as well as well as conducted famous author interviews. Believing in the power of reading, Julie has over 15,000 book titles at home and utilizes that vast library of titles for her children and her online classes. Powering beyond research, she was hired by the largest Montessori school network in the world to head their Asia programs. Here, she accumulated more experience into programming for the bilingual students as well as diving into gifted education.

During the pandemic in 2020, Motherly Notes School was born where Julie started offering fun online native level Chinese courses. She incorporated elements from educational theories such as behaviorism, constructivism, humanism, etc. Her motto was 笑到爆也可以學中文. It means you can laugh until you cry while learning Chinese. Now after many years, the students of her program are witnessing fast progress through daily exposure to the methods she's been using. Julie envisioned a true immersion school where Chinese is not studied as a subject but as the means to form meaningful bonds to families and culture for everyday life.

Get ready for new exciting titles to come while Motherly Notes collaborates with native professional teachers to bring Chinese to your home!

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